Seed Of Life

The objective of Seed Of Life For Nations is to improve the performance of social pillars in Mozambique, Brazil and other countries. Understanding the meaning of the importance of transformation in the human being and the impact it generates on the community is the guarantee that we can have a better future.

English School

As we are a church made up of several generations of immigrants. We are committed to helping the community advance its ability to communicate better in English. we understand how important it is for each person to be able to learn, speak and write in English and be able to get better life opportunities.

School of Music and Worship

We believe that the ability to play an instrument and be able to navigate the world of music has a huge impact on people’s lives. And a big part of our vision as a church is that music makes a tremendous contribution to the relationship between God and people. That’s why we believe that everyone, whether adults or children, should have this opportunity to learn and have this contact with music and worshiping God.

Family counseling

(Addiction Help coming soon)

Strong families will establish a strong church. This is what we believe and what we seek for our community. We have seen an huge increase in the need for counseling or even just listen to the families over the years. All ages of youth, adults and children have been struggling with emotional problems. That’s why we understand as a church that we need to look for ways to provide the local community and also for our members the opportunity to be heard and helped in this area.

Jiu-Jitsu for Kids

Respect, discipline and courage are very important aspects for our society. We also believe that our children are the future of the world and these important values need to be part of every child’s education. With the growth of the technology and information, little by little these values that should be considered non-negotiable have lost their significance. And as a result we have created an era of so many emotional and relationship problems. Our purpose is to continue teaching our children these values through this great sport called Jiu-Jitsu.