We Are a Jesus Focused Church, Bible Centered and Spirit Led

The purpose of our church is to worship and bring glory to the Father just like Jesus did. We believe that the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ is power to transform lives, families and cities. Through a relationship with God we are restored to the original plan. We become His image and likeness.

“The Church of Christ is a nonprofit organization. Started in 2010 with a vision of the Kingdom of God, inviting everyone to become children of God through faith in Jesus Christ.”

Church Of Christ

Message from Pastor Rodrigo

More than any church I’ve ever attended, Church of Christ-MEVAM thrives at developing an authentic community that inspires others to know and follow Jesus. We come from different generations, races, and backgrounds. Some of us have been in church our entire lives and others are just learning what it means to have a relationship with God. We are imperfect people who are quick to admit we have failed God.
At the same time, we are amazed that God Himself has sent Jesus to die for our sins and offer us peace with God by trusting in Jesus alone for our salvation. Wow!
Church of Christ is made up of Jesus followers and we exist to deepen our relationship with God, our relationships with each other, and share the hope that can be found in Jesus with Peabody, MA.

Developing a community that inspires people to know and follow Jesus

Church of Christ-MEVAM is committed to sharing the hope of Jesus through Bible-centered teaching and community. People of all ages, races, and backgrounds come together on Sunday mornings and throughout the week to pursue God through worship gatherings, Life Groups, kids and student ministries, and various outreach projects.

Latest Sermon

It’s easy to feel trapped in life. We get stuck in routines, deadlines, bills and daily struggles. Life can seem pointless and even hopeless. Jesus offers a way out. He reaches down to give life – a new path to follow. He has the power to break us from the norm and experience a fulfilled life. Jesus truly does CHANGE EVERYTHING!
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